Repairs and Service at TBC Computers

At TBC we do assessment and repairs on most makes and models, virus and spyware removal, troubleshooting and upgrading.

How much, and how long to fix my computer?

Our shop fee is $59 per hour, with most jobs billed between half an hour, $29.50, and two and a half hours, $147.50, plus HST.  When you drop the computer off, we'll ask you for the first half hour then ($33.93).  This is our minimum service fee, and covers the technician's assessment.  Should we proceed to perform the necessary repair, this amount gets deducted from your total at the end of the job.
Please bear in mind that the time you're billed seldom equals the time we've spent on your computer; it often takes more time than we are billing to work out a problem to our technicians' satisfaction.  (You can have it done quick, or you can have it done right, as they'd say.)  Of course we make every effort to be fair and up front with our billing, but we can't give you an exact quote for labour until we've seen the extent of the problem. 
We work on machines in the order they come in, usually six or seven at a time.  When you drop your computer off we'll give you an estimated day that we expect to work on it, and you can usually expect it back one to three days from then.  Call the store for a current guess, if you like.
We can't comment on what parts may be required, or any options or prices, until we've seen your computer.  Once we do know, we'll tell you, so you can decide whether you want to proceed or not.

Does TBC do warranty work for other builders or manufacturers?

No, or at least not for free.  If your computer problem is covered under a warranty with a different company you'll probably want to take it there.  We may be able to fix it, but we'll have to charge you for both the parts and the labour. 
On the other hand, you should remember that software issues (such as viruses and spyware, among other things) are not normally covered under your warranty anyway.  You can bring us those, if you like.  If by chance we discover that there is a defective part that ought to have been covered, we'll tell you.

Does TBC fix monitors or printers?

No.  (But we do sell new ones.)

Does TBC do house calls?

Sorry, no.  We're much more efficient with all our equipment nearby, which can often translate into a more effective, less expensive repair for you.